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Speech therapy services in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond

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Speech Therapy


You are in the right place if you child is struggling with any of the following: speech sound disorders, language impairments (receptive & expressive), language delays, phonological disorders, reading comprehension, auditory comprehension, specific learning impairments, stuttering, dyslexia, executive functioning (attention, planning organizing, self-monitoring), social skills, autism spectrum disorder, feeding and swallowing difficulty, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, and/or apraxia of speech. 

With our services, we can help to:

Develop your child’s speech and language skills on time

Late-Talkers / Speech-Language Delays

Improve pronunciation and say words right

Phonological / Speech Sound Disorders

Build meaningful relationships with others

Social Skills

Be independent and self-sufficient

Executive Functioning

Learn and understand more

Reading / Listening Comprehension, Learning Impairments

Overcome Speech / Language Disorders

Language Impairments, Stuttering, Dyslexia, Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Apraxia of Speech

Eat and swallow safely and effectively

Feeding and Swallowing


Information for Parents:

All speech, language, and literacy services typically start with an initial evaluation. Our evaluations are individualized based on parent concerns and developmental history and include parent input, standardized assessments, therapist observations, and therapist-child interaction. After the evaluation the results are reviewed with the family, and together as a team we will develop a plan for therapy based on your child’s strengths and current challenges.

School Contracting

School Speech & Occupational Therapy Services:

Are you tired of missing out on FTE funding for your school due to not having services provided? Broad Horizons Speech prides itself in partnering with private schools, charter schools, and school districts, within the state of Florida to provide evidence based speech and language therapy as well as occupational therapy tailored to fit the needs of its clients.

Our Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) work with students exhibiting a full range of communication disorders, including those involving language, articulation (speech sound disorders), stuttering, voice, and swallowing. Our Occupational Therapists are responsible for providing individual and group therapy to correct specific areas of sensory-motor integrative dysfunction. We have the capacity to provide services in a direct in-person or online tele-therapy platform. Our services include:


Individualized Education Plan compliance grades Pre-K to 12


Response to Intervention (RTI)


Speech Therapy


Language Therapy


Occupational Therapy




Consultations with Family and Teachers


Staff Trainings


Personal, Social/Emotional, Academic, and Vocational needs that impact education

Parent Coaching/IEP Consultations

Information for Parents:

Not quite ready for therapy? Our online parent coaching services allow you to learn strategies from our clinicians to implement in your child’s everyday routines. 

Questions about how to advocate for your child’s IEP services at school? We can help with specific strategies that will help you advocate for your child’s educational services as they relate to speech and language therapy.

Our Signature Process

Our process begins with your child in mind. We will help you get to the root of their struggles and collaborate on a treatment plan that is best suited for your family through 3 steps.



The evaluations include standardized testing, clinical observations, parent/caregiver input, and developmental history to create a cohesive picture of your child’s current level of performance.



Family education plays a key part in a child’s success. The evaluation report is reviewed with caregivers to discuss the results and clinical recommendations. We make sure the family has a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the child.



We create a treatment plan specifically designed for your child that includes direct therapy practices, play-based approaches, language-rich environments, and parent-coaching. We strive to create an atmosphere of learning, nurturing, and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurances do you accept?

We are an In-Network provider with Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sunshine State Health Plan (Medicaid), Florida Healthy Kids/Simply (Medicaid),  and Molina Healthcare. We are also an approved Out-of-Network Provider with TRICARE East.

Where are services provided?

All services are performed in the office, at a scheduled appointment time, or via our secure teletherapy platform.

How can I request Intake?

Intake can be requested by clicking on the "Get Started” button on our website's home page.

Do you require a Pediatrician’s referral?

We do require a Pediatrician’s referral for all of our clients.

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